Contemporary Mosaics
by Ora AVNI
About the Artist

Ora AVNI, Mosaic Artist

Ora Avni spent her childhood in North Africa and her young adulthood in the Middle East. Although she grew up surrounded by classical mosaics, it would be many decades before she reconnected with the art of her youth. She was already a senior tenured professor at Yale University (French literature) when she made her first mosaic.

To hone her technical skills she studied under Ilana Shafir, Verdiano Marzi, Lucio Orsoni, Sonia King, Julio Candussio, and Giovanna Gali in the USA, France and Italy. After countless workshops and band-aids, what had started as a hobby became a passion. She developed her own style of mosaics and reduced her work load at Yale to find time for her art.

Her mosaics have been shown and acquired by collectors in the US, France and the Dominican Republic. Lately she has been making mostly wall panels suitable for home décor, but upon request she may also dabs in functional objects and installations. She also pursues her critical reflections on mosaics in her blog.

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