Contemporary Mosaics
by Ora AVNI
About the Artist

Artistic Preferences

Tesserae. I like to vary my tesserae by mixing a variety and materials and cutting them to difference sizes. This variety creates a sense of movement that can be used to balance the motif.

Stone cuts. I use mostly natural stone cut by hand with the traditonal hammer and hardie. Power tools slice stone into neat cubes with ground surfaces. The hammer and hardie on the other hand fracture the stone along natural fracture lines that are part of the inherent composition of the material. The cuts are rarely neat, and the cubes are hardly "cubic." But the structure of the stone is then visible and becomes a component of the overall art piece, the color is more vivid (unless the stone is also polished), and the texture more complex and richer than with machine cut tesserae

Light. Mosaics are best seen in indirect lighting. Visitors to this site will not be fully aware of the importance of light since the camera cannot catch properly reflective and iridescent effects; nor can it catch the fact that as the ambient light changes, or as the viewer moves around, light seems to hover and dance over the mosaic, and colors take on new values.

Design. I am partial to background that are not just fillers. My backgrounds present as much and often more complexity than the main motif, so I tend to keep my designs simple. When the motif is the most important element, the same work could be done in another medium without much loss. Conversely, I am primarily interested in mosaics that would lose of their appeal if done in any other medium. The "story" of my mosaics is not told by the main motif but by the orchestration of materials, lines, colors, light, texture and andamentos.

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